Container Flooring Plywood


Our plywood container flooring 100% Apitong/Keruing container floors stronger and more durable.This durable wood species is ideal for ocean-going containers as it naturally withstands rot and decay, plus it’s strong enough to hold up under prolonged heavy duty use. This high-quality, high-performing species reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs or replacement, making it your most efficient and cost-effective option.

Quantity: Per cubic meter

Dimensions :

Size: 1160×2400 (or customized)

Thickness: 28mm

Face and Back veneer: Keuring/ Gurjan

Surface: Sealed

Edges: Notched and Sealed

Core veneer: 100% Eucalyptus

Sanding 2 sides, hot press 2 times

Glue: MUF

Shipping and transporting to any place in the world
Manufacturing according to a variety of custom sizes and dimensions

Quality by choice at competitive prices


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