Pallet Element

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Pallet elements wholesale manufacturing so you can build your own pallets. All pallet building materials are heat treated according to ISPM 15 standard EVSPA LLS are big supplier for Pallet Elements. we supply Pallet Elements Ukraine and USA .

From round log we produce in our sawmill pallet elements and heat treat it according to ISPM 15 standards. Local manufacturing from the log to the final product means faster production, less cost and quality control from the start to the finish. This enables us to pass the savings to you and offer better prices, guaranteed quality and faster order time.


Pallet Elements Ukarine :

HT according to ISPM

Spruce / Pine / Aspen

Thickness: 18, 22 mm

Widths: 90, 100mm

Lengths:1200 up mm

Quality: AST, AB grade

You can get custom dimensions from our sawmill

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