The size of these types of personal relationship varied widely, ranging from step one so you’re able to fourteen many years (M = 4

Recently, Elphinson and you may colleagues [ 33 ] adjusted the MJS by verifying a primary Type of the scale, the latest SF-MJS, consisting when you look at the 17 belongings in Australian trials. Particularly, a keen exploratory foundation analysis is actually achieved, indicating the three-basis design of your own scale, and that accounted for 53.dos percent of your total variance. Furthermore, confirmatory factor studies affirmed the brand new multidimensional framework, taking a sufficient fit towards the research (CFI = .91; RMSEA = .06; and you can SRMR = .07). Additionally, the three things was in fact moderately synchronised (ranging from cognitive and you will mental dimensions: r = .20; anywhere between cognitive and you may behavioral dimensions: roentgen =.26; anywhere between psychological and behavioural dimensions: r = .42). New SF-MJS as well as displayed enough inner texture reliabilities, which have Cronbach’s alpha beliefs of .77, .81, and you can .70 getting cognitive, emotional, and you will behavioural dimensions, respectively. Fundamentally, this new authors discover a beneficial indices out of concurrent and discriminant validity, correlating the 3 proportions of this new SF-MJS that have Persistent Envy, Stress and you can Emotionality [ 33 ].

Considering the solid theoretic and you may psychometric services associated with measure, the current analysis geared towards after that leading to the fresh recognition out of the new SF-MJS modified from the Elphinstons and acquaintances [ 33 ] regarding the Italian context (ISF-MJS). Much more specifically, the seeks of your own present study were to guarantee: 1) the brand new factorial structure of your size, thru confirmatory grounds study; 2) this new accuracy of level; 3) the fresh predictive legitimacy of one’s ISF-MJS by considering the relationships with intimate accessory level; and you can, in the end, explore: 4) gender differences in personal envy.

I anticipated to prove the basis construction with regards to the three-basis model discussed over (see Fig. 1 ), and therefore the SF-MSJ manage show a beneficial inner texture throughout the Italian society. Additionally, according to research by the literature chatted about more than, we hypothesized that about three size of the brand new ISF-MJS could well be notably synchronised having insecure intimate accessory, specifically having anxious accessory design [ 21 , 23 ]. Finally, according to the earlier in the day study [ 33 ], i expected to pick significant intercourse distinctions, that have female reporting significantly more jealous feelings within this romantic relationships than men.

Translation of your own SF-MJS

The brand new SF-MJS is preliminarily translated into the Italian from straight back-interpretation process. A few English native words translators worked autonomously: the initial interpreted the SF-MJS toward Italian while the 2nd interpreted the brand new Italian translation right back with the English. Up coming, each other pros together compared the two translations and discovered zero high incongruities between the two. But not, ahead of administering it variation toward professionals of one’s analysis, an effective airplane pilot decide to try is presented towards the some victims (N=31) to identify it is possible to dilemmas from comprehension otherwise linguistic ambiguities due to vocabulary translation. Which questionnaire didn’t tell you any difficulties, so that the Italian sorts of the fresh ISF-MJS try applied (see Appendix).


All in all, 361 members (168 boys and you may 193 female) had been hired for the present studies. Their age varied regarding 20 to 40 years (Yards = ; SD = cuatro.99). Victims was basically graduate people signed up for a therapy direction. More players had been away from company site Central Italy (73.7%), to your others are regarding Northern (fifteen.8%) and you can South Italy (ten.5%). Subjects originated in groups of center or large socio-financial peak with well over 58% of one’s parents that have a high-school diploma or college or university training.

The necessity getting contribution in the studies was one to participants be already involved in a good heterosexual partnership of a duration of a minumum of one 12 months. 54 many years, SD = step 3.25). Regarding your relationships updates, 69% away from subjects had been dating rather than living with its companion, 23.5% were cohabiting, and you may seven.5% had been married.